We are Dani and Kati, twenty one year old twin sisters currently living and going to school in Colorado. That's not really what this blog is about though; it's about pain and healing and expression and our personal experiences with these things. In June of 2011, our stepfather, who had been like a parent to us since we were seven years old, was arrested for possession of child pornography. It later came out that he had even secretly photographed me (Kati) from outside my window when I was changing as recently as my senior year of high school. Needless to say, coming to terms with this discovery has been heart-wrenching and confusing to say the least. Realizing that someone you loved and trusted is a totally different person than you thought they were is sort of like having to come to terms with their death. It just doesn't make sense no matter how many times you turn it over in your mind. A few days ago, he was convicted of eighteen months in prison (dramatically reduced from his original sentence) and ordered to turn himself in by January 4th, 2012, giving us a good chunk of winter break in the same town as him and certainly a lot of decisions to make. Here we try to make sense of it all in whatever means strikes our fancy at any given time. Our preferred forms of expression include but are not limited to poetry, drawing, collages, short stories, ranting blog posts and water color.